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20 Questions
Acronyms and Abbreviations
Add Magic to Your Presentations
Attention Gaining Devices
Audience Gags
Banquet/Luncheon Tips
Be Careful
Bilingual Help
Bounce Around
Caricature, Cartoons and Comic Strips
The Centerpiece Area
Columbo Technique
Cool Color Commentary
Comic Verse & Power Poetry
Deadpan Expression
Deep Penetration
The Differences Between a Man
and a Woman . . .
in the Audience that is . . .
Dueling Flip Charts
Dynamic Range
Equipment Photographs
Fake Facts and Statistics
Finding Humor for Specific Industries
Food is comical
Frequency Check
The Front Row
comical Numbers
comical Question and Answer Sessions
Genius Technique - Photographic Memory
Genius Technique - Split Your Story
Get "Em on Stage
Give Me a Brake
Glossary A - E
Glossary F - J
Glossary K - O
Glossary P - T
Glossary U - Z
Have Passion for Your Topic
Heirloom Handouts
How to Close a Speech
How to Deliver a Punch Line
How to Make a Point with Humor
How to Relax for Your Talk
Humor Delivery Tips
Humor Placement
Humorous Signs
I Get So Emotional
Improvise Your Flipchart
International Colors of Humor
Ladies on TV
Lay Down the Law
Learn Public Speaking Material Easily Using Bits (AKA Chunks or Series)
Line of Sight
Listen to Everyone
Make 'em Wonder
Mock Ups
No Brainstoppers!
Now I Lay Me Down . . . To Talk
Odd Body Angles
Old Humor is Good Humor
On Stage Tips
Pace Your Intensity
Parade your Passion
Pick Your Audience
Places are comical
Proverb Fortune Cookie Humor
Really Look at the Results to Improve
Roast Humor and Insults
Room Setup Checklist
Room Setup Trick
Rule of Three
Say it with Flowers
Screen Size Approximation Chart
Self-Effacing Humor
Serious Q & A Sessions
Show 'em When You Cross Cultures
Specific Objectives
Stage Fright Strategies
Stand Still
Start Low
Storytelling DON'Ts
Storytelling DO's
Storytelling Tricks
Talk About Your Family
Ten 'You's' for Every 'I'
They Don't Know Where You are Going
Tie one on (for men only)
Time of Day Matters
Tips for Television, Videotape, and Videoconferencing
To Laugh or Not to Laugh . . .That is the Question
Visuals: FILL 'EM UP
Wake 'em Up!
Why use Humor?
Words are comical
Words that Sell
The WOW! Factor
You Must Have a Good Sound System

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